Insignia Medical Systems, is the leading UK Clinical Data Migration organisation having migrated in excess of 3 billion images for multiple PACS systems. Our migration services and tools enables data to be migrated quickly, safely and securely.

The data cleansing functionality verifies the data with other sources such as your RIS to ensure that data maintains its clinical significance; this is after all patient information, not just blobs of data.

The highly configurable scheduling engine enables the migration rate to be throttled to suit the local infrastructure and ensure that there is no impact on your live systems. Additionally, the advanced self-throttling migration algorithms detect the load on your current systems and automatically react to minimise the impact to current users. 

Key Clinical Benefits:

  • Fast migration with in excess of 3 million images a day

  • No impact on your live system

  • Data cleansing included, including advanced data fix-up tools

  • Local and remote data migration from multiple sources and media

  • Over 3 billion images migrated gives Insignia extensive experience