Colchester united with regional imaging system from Insignia

Insignia Medical Systems, the pioneering UK based Enterprise Imaging provider, is delighted to announce their latest successful deployment for their InSight PACS with Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, providing a single Trust and Breast Screening PACS for the Colchester region for the first time.

The Trust, which operates 6 sites, and employees over 80 Radiologists, provides healthcare services to around 370,000 people from Colchester and the surrounding area of North East Essex. In addition, they provide radiotherapy and oncology services to a wider population of about 670,000 people across north and mid-Essex.

The successful go-live took place in early December, following the migration of over 181 million images within 2.7 million studies using Insignia’s migration services which was completed in under 6 weeks.

The Insignia Breast Screening service is co-hosted with Mid-Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust in Chelmsford, who also run an Insignia Medical Systems PACS, enabling a full regional screening service integrated with Radiology for image sharing. The Insignia Radiology PACS at Colchester will also join the sharing service in the region connecting with Insignia PACS systems at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Mid-Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust. Insignia will also deploy its sharing service to Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust to deliver regional services and image sharing. 

Speaking about the new partnership, Chris McCarthy, Advanced Practitioner/PACS Team, Colchester Hospital University NHS Trust, “The Insignia Team have been superb and have lived up to the high expectations, with only one phone call from a clinician on go-live morning which shows what a well led project can deliver.”

Insignia Medical Systems’ Project Manager, Mike Dagley, commented, “The team at Colchester have been fantastic to work with, by working together the deployment of a new and modern Trust-wide imaging system went smoothly with practically no impact to the Trust’s end users. The ongoing sharing services project will bring a new level to image sharing across Essex and Suffolk, which will continue to improve patient care across the region.”