Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Contract Start July 2013

Insignia Medical Systems is the Prime Contractor for the 7 year integrated PACS and RIS Managed Service at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The Trust has a number of sites spread across the county and the service delivers workflow and sharing across the region including MDT and Clinical Networks. The Insignia PACS offers a consistent look and feel for all users with a common interface for Radiologists and clinical staff reducing training needs and providing improved features for all users.

RIS and PACS Data from the Trust is being shared with nearby Trusts and those further afield using the inbuilt standards based technology. The service is highly configurable and scalable enabling it to evolve with the Trust over time to meet future needs. We work closely with the Trust to build a roadmap for the service to ensure that product is upgraded though a series of new releases. The architecture provides resilient high performance access whilst minimising the footprint at each of the sites as well as enabling reporting from home. Locally procured equipment such as workstations and modalities are integrated to reduce the overall cost of the service.

The Trust had an existing mirrored Insignia VNA that migrated all of the data from the LSP PACS in advance of PACS go-live This included all images, teaching files, annotations and reports. The service is monitored 24/7 using the Insignia Site Monitor Tool and managed from our UK offices. The system analyses key components and services against agreed triggers and alerts both Insignia and the Trust when there is a reportable event. The system enables engineers and the Trust to immediately see that the issue is being worked on and the when it has been resolved. Training was delivered by Insignia’s highly experienced team of applications specialists through a comprehensive training programme . The Trust team received training from contract award allowing them regular training sessions well in advance of the go-live period. We also provide on-going training for the duration of the contract.