South West Peninsular Consortium Contract

South West Peninsular Consortium:

North Devon NHS Trust, South Devon NHS Trust, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust, Cornwall NHS Trusts, Derriford NHS Trusts.

Contract Start: July 2013

Insignia Medical Systems is the Prime Contractor for the 7 year integrated PACS and RIS Managed Service across the 5 Trusts of The South West Peninsular listed above.

An important part of the service Insignia provides, is the sharing of images across the region, this is important to support clinical workflows between Trusts inside and outside of the region. Insignia’s solution for this is a significant improvement and step forward over current technologies. The Insignia PACS image sharing process is a peer-to-peer system that utilises standard DICOM protocols and extensions to the HL7 standard to provide effective image sharing. By implementing a peer-to-peer approach no external registry or repository of images or patient information was required. This sharing service adheres to the Caldicott Principles on Information Governance.

Patient records are available throughout the domain in order to provide the best possible patient care. This includes MDT working and Clinical networks for cancer, stoke and trauma. This provides access to the complete patient record across the domain, a complete view and access to all imaging studies and reports from all Trusts, out of hour’s cross-cover between Trusts, remote reporting and full local control and auditing.

The Insignia PACS Peer-to-Peer sharing functionality enables an InSight PACS System to automatically view bookings, images and reports that have been stored on another system. This is driven directly by the clinicians without the need for any administrative overhead.

Within InSight users can view all shared images and reports from all other sites in the region (even if the remote site is not running Insignia InSight for their imaging department).

Insignia migrated all data from the LSP PACS, and a transitional go live was rolled out across the region. Deployment of all trusts was staged to ensure that Insignia met all performance criteria, and we support the service 365/24/7 with over 99.9% availability, Insignia meet all the requirements of Business continuity and Disaster Recovery by using mirrored architecture and meets the requirements of the Care Record Guarantee.

Working with the Consortium we have regular on going discussions about our development roadmap to ensure that the service provides the clinicians with new functionality and upgrades through new releases of the software.