Collaborations Improve Patient Care

Two years into the PACS contract between Insignia Medical Systems and Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and both parties are feeling the benefits of Insignia’s ‘relationships not contracts’ ethos they maintain with their customers.

Having previously been a part of the CfH national contract, Hampshire Hospitals were looking for a new supplier with whom they could build a relationship and help to mould future product development.

As a British company focused exclusively on the UK market, Insignia’s PACS solutions are developed exclusively for the NHS and UK Private clients. With Insignia’s products and services constantly being reviewed and developed to mirror practices in the UK, Hampshire Hospitals saw the potential for a proactive relationship, where their voice would be heard without competing against clients from North America and Europe.

Dr Stephen Fenn, Consultant Radiologist, said “We’re at a point whereby people are being listened to when they raise a suggestion; if we can suggest something which will make our lives easier and improve patient care then it’s a win win situation. Ultimately these ideas will help to improve a product which is used throughout the UK and positively impact the whole environment we work in.”

With Insignia’s InSight PACS version 8.2 due to launch later in 2015, they have worked closely with their customers, taking on board ideas, and working together to develop a solution that will help many trusts around the country.

Director of Software Development, Arron Edwards, Insignia Medical Systems, said “Working closely with our customers provides an invaluable insight into how the end user interacts with our products. The feedback provided by Hampshire Hospitals and our other customers enables us to deliver continuous improvements to patient care. We want to empower our customers to have the ability to improve the product they work with; if we can work collaboratively then everyone gets to benefit.”