Artificial intelligence

Integrated AI to help advance the delivery of healthcare

Our mission is to improve the outcome for all patients, through the use of advanced technology that transforms workflow and diagnostic capability.

We are investing in the research & development of AI algorithms and supporting infrastructure technology to accelerate change. Partnering with leading Universities, academics and industry experts, we are greatly reducing the time-to-market, enabling care-providers to rapidly secure these benefits for their organisations and patients.

Our team have been successfully delivering certified medical devices for many years and understand the regulatory framework needed to support these advanced technologies. is the ideal partner for researchers and healthcare providers seeking to improve outcomes and workflow through the beneficial use of Artificial Intelligence

Insignia are delivering AI to improve clinical workflow and patient outcomes. Our advanced AI services enhance existing capability and expertise to deliver benefits for you and your patients.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have the capability to transform how healthcare will be delivered. These new technologies can help prioritise workflow and provide visual indications and quantification of diseases and abnormalities. Decreasing the time to diagnosis and improving certainty in reporting will help increase capacity and improve outcomes. Insignia and our partners are at the forefront of AI development and deployment, with many FDA approved and CE Marked algorithms available for you today.

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