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InStore VNA stores billions of images and has been responsible for the largest and most advanced migration projects.

As the second largest VNA supplier in the UK, Insignia’s InStore VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) provides secure, resilient and rapid storage to improve management and interoperability whilst reducing duplication and costs. Based on international standards, InStore VNA enables systems to be integrated and replaced quickly, without vendor intervention. 

InStore VNA currently stores many billions of images around the UK and was recently responsible for the largest and most prolific migration project. InStore VNA puts you back in control of your data and is independent of both the clinical applications and the physical storage, changing either of these becomes much simpler and quicker with InStore VNA. 

With inbuilt migration services, sharing capability and a fully featured viewer, InStore VNA delivers a secure, feature rich environment for your storage and archiving needs. 

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