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Our PACS & VNA solutions are used on over 250 UK sites

Insignia Product Suite

InSight PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) from Insignia Medical Systems is delivering benefits in hundreds of hospitals throughout the United Kingdom. Built by UK professionals for UK professionals, InSight is the only PACS that is focused exclusively on the NHS and local private health care providers.

With over three billion images, Insignia Medical Systems manage some of the largest and most complex PACS and VNA systems currently deployed in the UK.

Insignia delivers clinician-led workflow sharing between Trusts and beyond. Images and reports are instantly available wherever and whenever they are needed.

Our data migration services and tools enable clinical data to be migrated quickly, safely and securely. We are the leading UK Clinical Data Migration organisation having migrated in excess of 3 billion images for multiple PACS systems. Our migration services and tools enables data to be migrated quickly, safely and securely.

Insignia Medical System’s InSight Mammo is one of the leading Breast Care PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) in the UK. With workflows specifically developed for Screening, Symptomatic and Assessment, InSight Mammo is the only PACS you will need.

Insignia Gatekeeper delivers secure cloud-based protection against localised disasters and malicious attacks for all your medical imaging data.

How do your users remotely connect to your PACS and RIS Service? Users need to be able access PACS and RIS services from any location, quickly and securely to deliver faster results for patients.

How does your Region deliver collaborative Diagnostic Services? Users need to be able to provide Regional Diagnostic Services from any location, quickly and securely to deliver faster results for patients.

Intelerad Product Suite

Ensure the integrity of radiology images and patient data with access at any time, from any location, and for any case. 

Integrate our zero-footprint solution into any PACS system, allow access to patient images, reports, and critical notifications.

Provide a single source for managing all imaging, workflow, and patient data across the enterprise.

Give physicians easy access to patient orders, images, and reports, anywhere, anytime.

Centralize data for highly-efficient imaging in a vendor-neutral, cloud-enabled, and scalable archive.

Leverage a safe, accessible, and cost-effective alternative to on-premise infrastructure and long-term cloud storage.

Restore data to IntelePACS – with a cloud-native, long-term, infinitely scalable imaging storage solution.

Cloud Long-Term Archive

Empower your organization to transition from hardware toward offsite storage of DICOM images with industry-leading security. 

Enable patients to easily log in to a zero-footprint portal and gain direct access to exam history, images and reports.

Leverage our enterprise viewer and tailored worklists to connect with referring physicians and share patient information in real-time.

Integrate HIS, RIS, EMR, PACS, and VNA systems in a cross-enterprise diagnostic imaging platform 

Enable fast and streamlined access to patient images anywhere, anytime, with our industry-leading diagnostic viewer

Manage diagnostic workflows with a highly customizable and intuitive worklist, augmented with clinical AI.

Native DICOM anonymization and de-identification, performed upon study upload, server-side or client-side.

Seamlessly integrate into third-party applications including native software, AI systems, or advanced viewing software.

A unified lung screening and tracking software to manage patients participating in lung screening programs, streamlining data intake and organization to simplify registry uploads.

Automate QA/QC recording and calculation for the digital breast imaging environment through a web-based application that can be accessed throughout your network.

Improve the effectiveness of real-world evidence (RWE) programs for life sciences and artificial intelligence innovation.

Coming Soon

Optimize image intake, AI-driven anonymization, and quality control for research workflows..

Provide anytime, anywhere access to patients’ medical imaging with our zero-footprint, web-based patient portal.

Customize a zero-footprint, web-based DICOM viewer, complete with advanced tooling like  MIP, PET/CT fusion, MPR, and more.

Scale your work with a solution including workflow configurations, our ProViewer, and automated sharing capabilities

A flexible, scalable secondary storage archive, highly integrative with web-based access. 

Image Exchange

 2022’s No. 1 Best in KLAS winner. Securely send and receive patient data, promote collaboration, and simplify patient access.