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How do your users remotely connect to your PACS and RIS Service?

Users need to be able access PACS and RIS services from any location, quickly and securely to deliver faster results for patients. Remote workstations connecting via hospital VPN system are complex, costly and require large image sets to be transferred. VPN home workstations outside of hospital environments require local installation and often fall outside hospital security and upgrade procedures.

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The global pandemic has emphasized the need for clinicians to be able to work effectively from any location. VPN technology that connects home PCs to hospital networks are costly and do not always provide the performance needed to run a feature-rich medical viewer. Home PCs need high compute capability, have difficult upgrade paths and local protection from malware and virus.

Ideal solution

A streaming service that is sandboxed from the local operating system reduces the demands on the local PC and removes the need for large images to be transferred and improves performance and overall service efficiency. With all processing centralized within the hospital environment, users experience the same level of performance and protection at home using Insignia’s InStream Service.

Desired outcomes

Users require no drop in performance or capability wherever and whenever they access PACS and RIS services. Protection to Hospital level is paramount and the ability to use any device without expensive processors and GPUs improves total cost of ownership. With 100% lossless access to images using PCoIP-Ultra technology, InStream delivers an effective remote reporting service for your users.

Insignia Medical Systems - InStream Remote Service

100% Lossless super-fast streaming

InStream is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service delivering super-fast PACS services to any location. Images are streamed without loss to deliver diagnostic quality images. There is no delay with images being available irrespective of the size of the study.

Hassle-free home deployments

With only a small VDI client installed there is no need to manage PACS and RIS software at remote locations. The clinical systems run centrally within the hospital environment and can be centrally upgraded. Workstations used at home require only minimal compute power extending their life and reducing the total cost of ownership. Bring-you-own-Device (BYOD).

Simplified networking and more security

InStream does not rely on hospital VPN technology to deliver a secure remote access service. The InStream Client includes full end-to-end encryption over consumer broadband networks Sandboxed from the home operating system, InStream protects your organisation from potential malware infections from user PCs.

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