Regional Information Sharing Platform (RISP)

Insignia RISP sharing service powered by InStream provides fast, lossless regional reporting capability for your users at any location

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How does your Region deliver collaborative Diagnostic Services?

Users need to be able to provide Regional Diagnostic Services from any location, quickly and securely to deliver faster results for patients. With each Hospital running their own RIS and PACS systems, collaboration is often inhibited by technological barriers. A single shared reporting service is needed to breakdown these barriers and provide a unified reporting service. Access to any study by any reporter in any location will transform diagnostics in a region.


Patients and clinicians need to access services across entire regions to increase efficiency, reduce turnaround times and improve outcomes. Hospitals delivering diagnostics in isolation are unable to deliver on the NHS programme for diagnostic transformation. Isolated hospital systems have created islands of services in the broader healthcare ecosystem. A service that overlays all localized systems is needed to support the move to more collaborative working.

Ideal solution

Hospitals have procured diagnostic systems that best support their local needs. A “rip and replace” single regional system approach will inevitably create compromises at a local level and are time consuming and costly to deliver. What is needed is a service that can provide seamless access to regional records and overlay all the regional systems for shared and remote diagnostic services.

Desired outcomes

Medical professionals need to be able to access patient records at any location, in their own systems, and remotely, to transform patient care. The local single-vendor technical barriers need to be removed to deliver seamless access. When working in the Trust users should be able to use their own system. When working remotely the entire regional patient record needs to be available to enable diagnostic and review functions.

Insignia Medical Systems Regional Image Sharing Platform

All studies wherever and whenever you need them

Insignia RISP is fully integrated with your local RIS and PACS system. Scheduled appointments trigger RISP to localise regional patient images and reports to your local systems in advance.

RISP keeps all your regional data upto-date in real-time with new regional studies automatically retrieved for all your current patients.

Remote access for the entire regional patient access is provided though a cloud system, securely available from any location.

Images and reports delivered back to the Trust

The central cloud remote-reporting system is integrated with all the local PACS and RIS systems to provide shared reporting lists.

Reports created in the central RISP PACS using VR PACS-Based Reporting are automatically returned to the local systems without user intervention.

Updates to studies including structured reports and centralised AI results are automatically sent to your local hospital PACS.

100% lossless super-fast streaming

Insignia’s InStream is included to provide a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service delivering super-fast PACS services to any location.

Images are streamed without loss to deliver diagnostic quality images.

There is no delay with images being available irrespective of the size of the study.

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